Reminiscence Boxes

The museum has a number of loans boxes that can be hired for reminiscence work in sheltered housing, care homes and social clubs. They contain a mixture of replica and historical objects on a variety of topics with supporting written material and images.  The objects help people to remember and talk about the past, encouraging conversation and igniting memories.

All of the objects can be handled and used.


Cost: £5 per box per week or £15 for 4 weeks

Free if used on museum site

To book a box call 01449 612229 or email education@eastanglianlife.org.uk

Holidays and Going Out

Days out, holidays, the seaside

Hats, cameras, theatre glasses, puppets, photos, and more


Home Life

Items connected with life at home

Apron, spectacles, ever ready razor, grate polish, soap, wooden pegs and lots of other objects


From the Balaclava to the Beehive

Objects from the 1950s and 60s

Hair dryer, jigsaws, knitted swimming costume, thermos flask, annuals


Working Life

Working in East Anglia

Breeches, helmet, butter pats, tools and much more


Wartime and the Home Front

Army jacket, Land Army trousers, coins, bunting, posters and many other items


Childhood and School Life

Remembering life as a child

Handmade doll. Games, child’s boots, scout belt, christening gown and many other objects


Objects connected with the Royal family and celebrations

Ribbons, newspapers, mugs, biscuit tin, DVD of Elizabeth II’s coronation and more

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